Australian beef exports to South Asia steady

by Editor
Monday, July 14, 2014
Photo: eki

Australian beef and veal exports to South Asia (excluding China and Indonesia) during 2013-14 remained steady year-on-year, at 107,277 t swt (Department of Agriculture). A fall in the annual shipments to Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore, was offset by increased shipments to the remainder of the countries in the region.

Despite Australia’s higher beef production, the decreased annual volumes to the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore were driven by lower shipments of frozen beef. This was mainly due to increased global competition for Australian product and strong presence of major competitors in each market (which has primarily impacted Australian frozen beef trade).

While Australian chilled beef exports to the Philippines during 2013-14 saw a 42% year-on-year rise, at 857 t swt, a 3% contraction in frozen beef exports (at 28,187 t swt) contributed to a lower annual volumes, at 29,044 t swt – down 2% year-on-year. As the majority (87% or 24,658 t swt) of frozen product shipped to the Philippines was manufacturing beef, the fall in frozen exports was due to increased manufacturing beef exports to the US. However, the Philippines has supplemented frozen product by importing higher volumes from India and Brazil.

Similarly, while Australian shipments to Malaysia and Singapore during 2013-14 each totalled 14,670 t swt (down 11% year-on-year) and 10,998 t swt (down 16%), respectively, chilled beef exports to both countries registered record volumes – at 1,978 t swt (up 18% year-on-year) for Malaysia and 3,253 t swt (up 2%) for Singapore. However, in addition to strong presence of competitors in each market (India for Malaysia and Brazil for Singapore), Australia’s frozen beef trade to both markets was influenced by increased volumes directed to other growing markets.

In contrast, exports to Taiwan during 2013-14 improved 2%, to 38,195 t swt. A larger amount of frozen beef (up 7% year-on-year, at 34,282 t swt) offset a substantial 31% year-on-year fall in chilled beef exports, at 3,913 t swt. Increased volumes from the US in 2013-14 challenged Australian chilled beef exports to Taiwan.

Shipments to Hong Kong during 2013-14 totalled 7,225 t swt (up 39%), while Thailand and Vietnam were up 57%, to 4,514 t swt and 25%, to 2,631 t swt, respectively.