Australian beef exports hit record high

by Editor
Monday, July 07, 2014
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A big month of export volumes in June has seen Australia's total beef exports for the 2013-14 fiscal year set a new record. Total Australian beef and veal exports for June reached 103,257 t shipped weight, up 18% on last year to be the fourth month so far in 2014 to exceed 100,000 t swt.

As a result, total 2013-14 fiscal year exports hit a record 1.18 mill. t swt, up 17% year-on-year according to the Department of Agriculture.

Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) reports the continued drought conditions across many supply regions continued to force producers to offload greater numbers. Additionally, relatively strong export prices were maintained over the period, particularly to the US.

Despite being Australia's second largest beef export market in June at 24,826 t swt (back 2% year-on-year), Japan was the largest market for 2013-14 at 279,702 t swt, down 6% on 2012-13 and 17% below the five-year average.

June saw Australian beef exports to the US reach 30,187 t swt, up 87% on a year ago, with the 12-month fiscal period up 29% year-on-year, totalling 265,920 t swt.
China was the third largest export market during the past 12 months, with aggregate volumes at 160,441 t swt, up 74% on 2012-13.

Exports to China marginally exceeded exports to Korea, which were up 13% over the same period, to 155,656 t swt.

There was widespread growth registered across the developing beef export markets, with total shipments to the Middle East increasing 31% compared to the previous fiscal year, to 62,574 t swt.

Exports to Indonesia jumped 79% year-on-year, to 51,252 t swt.

Exports to Taiwan totalled 38,195 t swt, up 2% on a year ago, while the 2013-14 fiscal year saw volumes to the EU up 30% on 2012-13, to 22,879 t swt.