Aujiro & Lammy beef up Japanese children

by Editor
Wednesday, October 10, 2007

In the country where the daily meal is planned based on their preference, Japanese children are important consumers of Australian beef and lamb. MLA Japan has promoted further consumption of healthy Aussie red meat at home, this time by launching a new name for their favorite Aussie beef and lamb characters.

MLA rolled out “Shokuiku – Food education” program in Japan last year, where they visited Japanese primary schools with easy-to-understand information on Australia beef and lamb, completed with an Aussie beef school lunch. Cartoon characters of beef and lamb are used in the program pamphlet to explain the Australia’s traceability and safety system in a simple language. The program has been very popular, and this year over 200 schools applied for the eight events scheduled.

The naming competition for the characters, which included an award ceremony was held at the Australian Embassy in Tokyo, and attracted 1,200 applications from school children. “Aujiro (combination of Aussie and a Japanese boy’s name Jiro)” has become the new name for the Aussie beef character, while “Lammy (“lamb + yummy = Lammy”, the winner explained)” was given to Aussie lamb.

Japanese young families plan their meal based on what “kids like to eat”, and beef is considered as a source of energy and stamina, especially for children. During the recent MLA consumer survey, all respondents preferred to serve their family Australian beef rather than American, based on safety grounds.