Atria: Company’s pork exports to China will s...

Company’s pork exports to China will start


FINLAND, Seinäjoki. Atria Finland Ltd has signed the contract of the first pork delivery to China. Atria supplies frozen pork products to its Chinese customers around three million kilos during the year 2017.

The delivery includes all types of products derived from a pig carcass. The first delivery to the customer will be realized in early May.

"We have reached an agreement with our Chinese customers of the first deliveries of meat to China - this is a historic moment for Atria. Negotiations with customers are progressing well and the first large-scale delivery is a promising start to long-term cooperation. We will report the economic impact of China's export trade in our interim reviews during the year", says Juha Gröhn Atria Group's CEO.
Source: Atria


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