GPS Reisacher: Cooperation announced
GPS Reisacher

Cooperation announced

GPS Reisacher
Special deep draw inserts for sausages (semi-rigid film) by GPS Reisacher.
Special deep draw inserts for sausages (semi-rigid film) by GPS Reisacher.

GERMANY, Bad Grönenbach. Pulsotronic-Anlagentechnik and GPS Reisacher are both reputable companies in the packaging industry and have agreed to work together in a strategic move.

From October of this year GPS Reisacher will be taking care of the sale and after-sales service for Pulsotronic products in the south of Germany. These include innovative solutions, such as metal detection techniques, check weighers and end-of-line automation systems.

According to Michael Engelhardt, Sales Manager of GPS Reisacher, these high-tech products are add-ons for the integration of thermoforming machines, tray sealers and packaging lines supplied by GPS Reisacher. High levels of reliability and user-friendliness are further advantages of the products made by Pulsotronic, making them suitable for heavy duty and the optimisation of machines used for the processing and packaging of food.

As such, all customers stand to benefit from the cooperation in terms of the potential and flexibility which it offers, gaining end-to-end solutions, even for complex and demanding jobs, from planning and development right through to commissioning, and area-wide maintenance and after-sales services from GPS Reisacher.

Pulsotronic-Anlagentechnik GmbH is paving the way for metal detection in industrial processes. The innovative systems which it has developed for product quality control, packaging technology and conveyor technology have long since proven their worth and effectiveness in the food industry. Based on its many years of experience, and with its Niederdorf site devoted exclusively to the development and manufacture of products and special-purpose systems, the company can guarantee top quality standards.

Source: GPS Reisacher


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