Article highlights sustainability efforts by ...

Article highlights sustainability efforts by meat producers

A growing number of companies are turning their attention to creating renewable products — such as adhesives and plastics — from the animal byproducts that can't be sold on supermarket shelves, according to an article published in USA Today.

The article, “Waste Not, Want Not: Companies Find Uses for Leftover Animal Parts,” by Greg Latshaw, highlights a number of efforts by top meat producers to develop new uses and markets for animal parts that human’s don’t eat.

For years, those parts have ended up in cosmetics, soap, pet food and animal feed. Now, meat companies are putting more resources into sustainability programmes, said Paul Rutledge, Johnsonville Sausage EHSS director and co-chair of the American Meat Institute's Sustainability Committee, who is quoted in the article.

Companies and projects mentioned in the article include: Tyson Foods, Perdue Farms and Maple Leaf Foods.
Source: AMI – American Meat Institute


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