Arrowsight honored with “Supplier of the Year...

Arrowsight honored with “Supplier of the Year Award”

Arrowsight, Inc. has been named the American Meat Institute’s (AMI) 2011 Supplier of the Year. The award was presented during the AMI Meat, Poultry & Seafood Convention and Exposition in Chicago, Ill.

The Supplier of the Year Award is given to a supplier member of AMI that partners with meat and poultry processors to help achieve industry goals. Under the leadership of President Mark Moshier, Arrowsight provides remote video auditing (RVA) services for animal welfare, food safety monitoring and a wide range of operational applications in the meat industry.

In presenting the award, AMI Chairman Dennis Vignieri, president of Kenosha Beef International, said that Arrowsight’s technology and third-party RVA services are being deployed in many of the industry’s plants. Operating on the principle that you manage what you measure, the technology gives plant management real, meaningful data about practices that can help and hurt the industry.

Today, Arrowsight technology exists in 23 U.S. and Canadian beef plants. Another eight U.S. beef plants are expected to implement the technology by the end of the year. The technology and systems are also expected in nearly 20 pork and turkey plants by the end of 2011.
Source: American Meat Institute