Anuga: What does tomorrow taste like?

What does tomorrow taste like?


GERMANY, Cologne The Anuga fair gives answers to questions of tomorrow.

In 2013, Anuga trade fair confirmed its reputation being the most important platform for the international food business sector. To underpit this unique selling point, the organisers revised the appearence of the fair in 2015 and placed the ten trade shows even more in the centre.

What’s going to sell? What trends are emerging? What will be the next big thing in the Asian food and drink industry? Where in the world does my business have the best potential? The trade fair concept of Anuga with its ten separate fairs under one roof and clear focus on the trends of the future doesn’t simply provide you with the answers to these questions; it also gives you the opportunity to network with the decision-makers who help generate those answers.
In addition to excellent opportunities to establish new contacts, your event organiser, Koelnmesse, provides you with the service and comfort you can expect from one of the world’s largest trade fair organisations and a trade fair infrastructure which will satisfy your every possible requirement.

The previous event from 2013 counted 154,462 trade visitors from 187 countries and 6,777 visitors from 98 countries on the gross exhibition space. Now, Anuga in Cologne takes place from 10 to 14 October 2015. A few months before its start, the world's biggest and most important business platform for the international food industry was already fully booked. Once again, around 6,800 exhibitors from around 100 countries are expected at the fair. Anuga spans the entire Cologne fair grounds, i.e. 280,000m² of gross exhibition space.
Die Anuga Meat ist eine von zehn Fachmessen zur Anuga in Köln.
Die Anuga Meat ist eine von zehn Fachmessen zur Anuga in Köln.

Ten Trade Shows in One

10 Trade Shows in One“ – this concept is unique. The ten fairs devide the world’s biggest fair for food and beverages into different topics and branches and bring national and international suppliers together, starting with small companies and ending up with big enterprises. The concept of those trade shows is proved for years with a high level of self-organisation, attendees are able to find relevant and interesting areas directly and get a higher benefit from their visit. The trade shows are:
+Anuga Meat – Meat, sausage, game and poultry
+ Anuga Fine Food – Gourmet and delicatessen products and general provisions
+ Anuga Frozen Food – Frozen food and ice cream products
+ Anuga Chilled and Fresh Food – Fresh convenience and delicatessen products, fish, fruit and vegetables
+ Anuga Dairy – Dairy products
+ Anuga Bread & Bakery, Hot Beverages – Bread, baked goods, spreads and hot beverages
+ Anuga Drinks – Drinks
+ Anuga Organic – Organic products
+ Anuga Food Service – Culinary, technoligy and equipment for the food service/catering marketAnuga RetailTec – Technology and services for the retail trade.

Trends shaping the future of food

Innovation and trends are the driving force in the food & beverage sector. In hardly any other segment there are so many new innovations each and every year which add to the international diversity. Anuga sets and underlines the actual global trends: ten topics show what is currently in demand and where things are going. Those are:
+ Vegan products
+ Health and functional food
+ Gourmet products and regional specialities
+ Halal food
+ Bio products
+ Ingredients
+ Brand names
+ Vegetarian products
+ Fair trade products
+ Kosher products

In 2013, fair trade products have been the main topic in innovative global trends. Now, this part goes to the vegan products, which are new the new trend on the fair in 2015.

Framework programme

A lot of associated events, including presentations, special exhibitions and evening events complete the fair. Special exhibitions are Anuga OliveOil Market, Organic Market, Wine Special and Trend Zone, the Food Service Power Breakfast shows the global Away-from-home market including several presentations on saturday, sunday and monday at 11 o’clock am. Another special is the Culinary Stage with numerous cooking events.

ifood Conference
The Innovation Food Conference – iFood 2015 – will be hosted by the German Institute of Food Technology (DIL). The event will take place at the Anuga, Rheinsaal (Congress Centre North), on October 12–13. The 3rd iFood Conference is a contribution to an international and interdisciplinary dialogue about the future of food production with regard to sustainability and global trends. Take advantage of this great opportunity and gain path-breaking insights with outstanding speakers from different industries as well as identify strategic opportunities for your organisation.Focus on four major topics:

+ industry 4.0 – The age of digitalism
+ Consumer trends – The driving force
+ New foods – Technological innovation
+ Converging industries – Boundless exchange

Halal Supermarket
The Halal Supermarket is a combined effort of DTFOODambassador and DagangHalal to gain a maximum brand exposure and to generate business opportunities by promoting high quality halal products at a central location of the trade fair in the passage between halls 2 and 4.

This exclusive platform for worldwide operating merchants and halal food manufacturers will be a unique opportunity to create a new way of marketing to reach global buyers. A wide variety of products and future trends are clearly represented at a glance in a new shelfstore system.

Source: FleischWirtschaft International 5/2015, Koelnmesse


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