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Anuga FoodTec

Optimal added value by upgrading by-products

Anuga FoodTec

GERMANY, Cologne. Sustainability and environmental management play an important role in the food industry. Nevertheless, regardless of how efficiently the machines work and how resource-friendly they produce, at the end of the day the manufacturers are still faced with the question: What to do with the waste materials that are left over?

 Anuga FoodTec from 20 to 23 March in Cologne holds answers in store for the visitors. Upcycling strategies and innovative methods for the recovery of materials from industrial by-products is the focus of the international industry meeting point.

Added value gained from waste products holds enormous potential for the food manufacturers. On the one hand, the upcycling of by-products that arise in partly large volumes while processing vegetable and animal-based raw materials is resource-friendly and ecological. On the other hand, the biomass contains a multitude of substances that can be implemented as ingredients for new foodstuffs. Modern machinery and innovative methods for the recovery and upgrading of by-products are of particular interest here.

The outlook of Anuga FoodTec demonstrates that like recycling, upcycling – the transformation of industrial by-products into important substances – has firmly established itself in the industrial environment of food production. The machines presented at the fair grounds can already be integrated into all common processes. Rising prices for raw materials and a worldwide growing ecological awareness demand the friendly and efficient handling of natural resources. The opening conference "Resource efficiency – challenges and opportunities" which is taking place at the Cologne fair grounds on 20 March picks up on these aspects. An additional expert forum on 22 March is dedicated to the theme of upcycling and the use of by-products.

Source: Anuga FoodTec


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