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Animal diseases

Swine fever in Lower Silesia

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 In Poland it has hit a small business again.
In Poland it has hit a small business again.

POLAND, Lower Silesia. For the first time this year, Lower Silesia recorded ASP in a livestock population. The cases are high in wild boars throughout Poland.

An outbreak of African swine fever (ASP) was reported by the state veterinary authority on Wednesday at a farm in Dalków, Lower Silesia. The place is about 100 km from the border with Saxony. A small farm with 23 pigs is affected. This is the fifth case of ASP in a livestock herd in Poland.  

Meanwhile, the disease continues to spread among feral pigs. The veterinary authority reported 29 new cases of ASF in six voivodships, including 12 near the border with Brandenburg, in the previous week alone. The total number of disease outbreaks in wild boar has thus risen to almost 2,700 since the beginning of the year, already exceeding the total number of ASP cases reported last year.

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