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Gelita joins Animal Welfare Initiative


GERMANY, Bonn. The Animal Welfare Initiative wins Gelita as a new supporting member. From 1st August 2018, it will support the Animal Welfare Initiative with a financial contribution. With a sponsoring membership, companies that do not sell meat and sausage directly can become involved in the spread of more animal welfare in livestock farming.

"For us as processors of animal by-products for the production of collagen proteins such as gelatin, collagen peptides and collagen, animal welfare plays an important role. Even though the public debate is largely concerned with the production of meat, the by-products must not be ignored. Animal-friendly and fair animal husbandry is an essential component for the general acceptance of animal products. We are convinced that the Animal Welfare Initiative is taking the right approach here by tackling the issue on a broad basis and in a target-oriented manner along the value chain with the involvement of retailers," said Reinhard Zehetner, Global VP Quality and Regulatory Affairs Gelita.

"With Gelita we were able to win a partner we are particularly pleased about. The company proves that animal welfare is a relevant topic for more and more companies", says Dr. Alexander Hinrichs, Managing Director of Animal Welfare Initiative. "Gelita is setting an example with its sponsoring membership: The time has come to take responsibility throughout the meat value chain, and the Animal Welfare Initiative offers the opportunity to do so."

As a sustaining member, companies contribute to more animal-friendly and sustainable meat production.

Source: Animal Welfare Initiative


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