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New National Swine Disease Council

Rapid and effective response to disease outbreaks is the council’s top priority.
Rapid and effective response to disease outbreaks is the council’s top priority.

USA, Des Moines. In 2013, when pork producers faced an outbreak of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus, or PEDV, the US pork industry put a renewed emphasis on farm biosecurity. The US pork industry has aligned its efforts to reduce the risks from foreign animal disease (FAD) by creating the National Swine Disease Council (NSDC).

The council is comprised of key industry leaders from six distinct areas of swine science expertise. NSDC leadership includes representatives from the National Pork Board, the National Pork Producers Council, the North American Meat Institute, the Swine Health Information Center, the American Association of Swine Veterinarians, and the US Department of Agriculture, as well as state animal health officials.

A disease can also disrupt US pork exports and commerce, negatively impacting pork producers and their businesses. The combined expertise of the participating organizations will center on rapid response to diseases that threaten the US pork industry.

Starting with the formation of the council and identification of member participants, the producers and their organizations will turn their focus toward providing recommendations in collaboration with state and federal animal health officials, and other industry stakeholders, to respond to emerging swine diseases. Any disease could potentially threaten herd health and negatively affect the US pork industry.

This focus specifically includes: recommending policies for emerging and foreign animal diseases and collaborating with animal health officials, regulatory agencies, and stakeholders to increase understanding of disease and quick response; and, most importantly, promoting acceptance of recommended actions throughout the US pork industry.

The council will rely on subject matter experts to advise and inform on every aspect of disease management. That may include forming short- and long-term project teams to make, review, and implement appropriate recommendations.

Rapid and effective response to disease outbreaks is the council’s top priority. Understanding what diseases exist in the world and keeping them out of the country continues to be the most important task in terms of risk management as those diseases pose a significant threat to US pork production.

Source: SHIC


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