Americans want stronger food safety rules

Americans want stronger food safety rules

Among likely voters surveyed across the nation, about 9 in 10 support the federal government adopting additional food safety measures, and 64 percent believe that imported foods are often or sometimes unsafe, according to a new poll with over 1,000 people commissioned by Pew Charitable Trusts.

This concern about imported foods reflected a significant jump compared to the 53 percent of voters who expressed such concerns in a 2008 survey by the same pollsters. FDA is equipped to inspect less than one percent of the imported products it regulates, according to agency data. Overall, 58 percent of voters are worried about bacterial contamination of the food supply – with about a third of those saying they worry “a great deal”.

The survey shows American voters overwhelmingly believe the federal government should be responsible for protecting the food supply, and that the voters support numerous new measures to ensure it has the authority to do so. Those surveyed are also in support of more frequent inspections of many businesses that supply food and are increasingly skeptical of imported foods’ safety.
Source: Pew Charitable Trusts


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