American hog producers worried about feed gra...

American hog producers worried about feed grain

 Leaders of Hog farmer organisations in Canada, the United States and Mexico have a major concern in common regarding the availability of feed grain.

Meeting in Merida, Mexico, the pork producer representatives identified the critical importance to the hog industries in all three counties of having physical availability to feed grain over the next year. Hog producers have been vigorously competing for a resource that is in high demand and shows no signs of dropping. The sense of anxiety over the availability of feed grain for the hog industry was only heightened with the release of the United States Department of Agriculture’s Grain Supply and Production Reports that indicated that the crop planting this coming spring and normal yields would provide only a modest easing of tight feed supplies.

The lack of a stable supply of feed grains for livestock and poultry industry would significantly increase the cost of production, and consequently, the retail price of our products and make it all the more difficult for families to make healthy choices.
Industry representatives have already expressed these worries to their national governments but country delegates agreed to make a call for NAFTA agricultural ministers to meet and address this issue seriously.
Source: Canadian Pork Council


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