Alternative Protein: China’s investment in pl...
Alternative Protein

China’s investment in plant-based innovation

2050 China Food Tech Summit

USA, Washington. In China, trends are spreading rapidly. The interest in alternative proteins is also growing. This was discussed at the 2050 China Food Tech Summit. 2050 China Food Tech Summit is the first influencer gathering devoted to food innovation investment for the Chinese market.

In the next decades, food technology and innovations that can succeed in China will have worldwide impact. With it being one of the largest food economies, China has a key role to play as we look to feed 9.6 billion people globally by 2050. For those bringing radically new ideas to address food security, safety, and nutrition challenges, China presents a unique and urgent opportunity.

There were different panels regarding the future of food like China’s Future of Protein, Food Safety Matters or The Role of Investors in Shaping the Future of Food. China’s Future of Protein was moderated by Elaine Siu, Good Food Institute.

The discussion covered the following topics: With China’s economic boom since the 1990s, its appetite for meat has grown many folds. Given the climate and environmental consequences of meat consumption, could food innovation trigger systematic behavioral change and curb demand for traditional meat products? From plant-based and edible insects to cultured meat, what opportunities does China offer to this emerging breed of alternative protein startups?


Source: Good Food Institute
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