All Tyson brand fresh chicken being 'raised without antibiotics'

by Editor
Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Tyson Foods announced that it is now producing all of its brand-name fresh chicken from birds raised without antibiotics.

This decision was prompted by overwhelming consumer demand.

Although there is great confidence in the quality of Tyson’s traditional chicken, CEO Dick Bond said, own research results indicate that 91% of consumers agree it's important to have fresh chicken produced and labelled as 'raised without antibiotics.'

Tyson started selling antibiotic-free product nationwide in June. Company officials expect to convert Tyson deli rotisserie and marinated raw breaded eight-piece items to ‘raised without antibiotics’ starting in early July and Tyson retail individually quick frozen chicken by late-August.

Although chicken ‘raised without antibiotics’ will cost more, Tyson’s market research shows the higher price is well below the additional cost consumers say they are willing to pay for such products. It also will be substantially less than the premium currently charged by most competing niche brands.

Tyson uses therapeutic antibiotics in only a very small percentage of its poultry flocks and only to treat or prevent disease. As part of the company’s commitment to animal well-being, Tyson will continue to use antibiotics on its birds when necessary and only for therapeutic reasons.