Aldi: Chinese online store to open in 2017

Chinese online store to open in 2017


AUSTRALIA, Sydney. Aldi is to make an attempt to conquer the Chinese market by opening an online shop next year in the world’s biggest e-commerce market.

The move by the German discounter would mark the first time it would enter a new market without the help of a physical store.

The online shop, open in the second quarter of 2017, will be supplied by its Australian subsidiary Aldi Stores and will sell a selected range of everyday grocery items including products from its non-chilled grocery range and wine. It has secured the domain name for the venture.

Aldi said it has been sounding out its options in China for years as it looks at the best way to tap into potentially 1.4 bn. customers, including a large number of cash-rich millennials who like to shop online. The company will take solace from the fact that Chinese customers have embraced online shopping. Chinese online shopping giant Alibaba and have proved a huge success but Aldi will have to overcome any consumer circumspection about an overseas retailer taking on domestic retailers.

The German discounter, whose no-frills offering has proved popular in several European countries, currently runs an online shop in the UK, complementing its physical stores in the country. It has also looked to take on the US market by opening a number of physical stores in the country.


Source: Aldi Stores


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