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Flavoured MAP impresses consumers

Air Products

USA, Lehigh Valley, Pa. Food processors have a "nose" for sales opportunities and are constantly looking for ways to leave a lasting impression on consumers. Air Products has developed the Freshline Aroma MAPTM system against the background that the perception of fragrances is considered to be one of the strongest sensory perceptions.

This system nebulises natural or essential oils when packaging in a modified atmosphere (MAP) without an additional production step. This is how the protective gas is flavoured in the packaging.

With the new ability to naturally enhance the fragrance and aroma of packaged foods, the system helps to enhance the customer's sensory experience and influence future purchasing behavior. The innovative technology also has the potential to reduce food waste and reduce the cost of returned products. In addition, the use of essential oils can extend shelf life. The natural essential oils or flavors that can be injected with the Freshline Aroma MAPTM system meet customer demand for a "clean label" declaration of ingredients. The triggering of emotions and memories through the use of fragrances also follows the increasing trend of sensory marketing and branding in the food sector.

The system will be fully integrated into the producer's existing production line and can be used for a wide range of food products, including processed meat, dried foods and bakery products. It injects a reproducibly precise amount of natural or essential oil into the gas flow. The flavoured MAP gas then enters the packaging machine in the same way as the standard MAP process. The system is safe, hygienic and meets all relevant legal best practice requirements.

Source: Air Products


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