African swine fever: Many new cases in Poland
African swine fever

Many new cases in Poland

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Small farms and boars are particularly affected by the disease.
Small farms and boars are particularly affected by the disease.

POLAND, Warsaw. The chain of African swine fever (ASF) outbreaks on Polish farms has not been broken last week either.

The highest veterinary authority confirmed three more cases in the eastern Polish voivodeship of Lublin, which is increasingly becoming a hotspot of the disease. Last week seven cases of ASP infection in pig farms were reported there. Since the beginning of January, a total of 50 outbreaks of the disease have thus been recorded in agriculture throughout the country. This is already five cases more than in the whole of last year. The number of domestic pigs culled, at 43,000 animals, is also already well above the overall level of 2019. The only reason why even more extensive culls have not been carried out is that small farms have been particularly affected.

Meanwhile, the number of reports of ASF-infected wild boars is also increasing steadily. According to official surveys, a total of almost 3,000 finds of wild boar infected with ASF were recorded from the beginning of the year until the second week of August. In view of the rapidly increasing numbers, the National Association of Pig Producers (POLPIG) reiterated its demand for a more consistent hunting of the Polish wild boar population. According to the association, the efforts made so far have not been sufficient to noticeably reduce the pressure of epidemics in the wild population and thus the danger for animal husbandry.


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