Accles & Shelvoke: New stunning tools
Accles & Shelvoke

New stunning tools

Accles & Shelvoke

THE UNITED KINGDOM, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands. Accles & Shelvoke announced the development of a range of concussion stunners for stunning animals of all sizes.

The Accles & Shelvoke Cash Concussion range of cartridge powered stunning tools are designed to stun animals by delivering a percussive force to the head using a non-penetrative bolt.

The concussion tools use convex or flat-faced head attached to the end of a bolt, which causes a concussive blow to the head of the animal by transferring the power of the cartridge into a percussive force of the bolt.

The stunning tools are operated by defined strengths of cartridges to deliver the required energy and concussion force to match the stunning requirements of the various animals for slaughter. This method is compliant with religious stunning requirements, as the animal is otherwise unharmed and can be bled accordingly.


Source: Accles & Shelvoke


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