ASF: Other cases near German border

Other cases near German border

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Dead wild boars were again found not far from the German-Polish border.
Dead wild boars were again found not far from the German-Polish border.

POLAND, Warsaw. African swine fever (ASF) continues to ravage the Polish feral pig population. The highest veterinary authority recorded 70 new cases nationwide last week alone.

A total of seven voivodships were affected. Dead wild boars were again found near the German-Polish border. These cases affected the districts of Nowosolski, Zielona Góra and Wschowski. Earlier finds in these regions had caused a stir around the turn of the year and later, as some of them were only a few kilometres away from Brandenburg.

Since the beginning of the year the Polish authorities have confirmed a total of 2,229 cases of ASF in wild boars. This means that the epidemic is only slightly weaker than in the previous year, when 2,477 cases were recorded in the same period. In addition, the geographical spread of the disease is now much wider, which is causing discussions, especially among the German neighbours.

For this reason, the regional German Brandenburg State Farmers' Association (LBV) recently called for the erection of a permanent fence system on the border with Poland. Following the Belgian model, this is to be supplemented by a further fence system in the interior of the country to establish a wild boar-free buffer zone in the area.


Source:, AgE


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