AMI launches campaign to combat top meat myth...

AMI launches campaign to combat top meat myths

AMI, in conjunction with the American Meat Science Association (AMSA), launched its “Meat MythCrushers” campaign in an effort to reconnect Americans to modern food production and to “crush” some of the more popular myths associated today with meat and poultry.

The campaign is centered around a new website which features science-based information and resources in response to some of the most popular meat and poultry myths held by consumers, as identified by an AMI consumer poll conducted by Harris Interactive.

The website features a dozen videos with AMSA academic experts debunking the myths for consumers in a clear and comprehensible manner. A companion brochure, including detailed references to support statements, is also available on the website.

Also unveiled was a Meat MythCrushers Facebook page which will serve as a forum to encourage dialogue about these meat and poultry myths. A new myth will be featured and discussed on the page each week for the next three and a half months.
Source: American Meat Institute