AMI encourages food safety education

by Editor
Monday, September 06, 2010

As September is dedicated to food safety education in the United States, the American Meat Institute (AMI) encourages consumers to be partners in ensuring safe food, by taking steps to prepare meat and poultry safely.

For this reason AMI released a radio report to networks and stations nationwide. The spot highlights the importance to take certain precautions when handling meat. For example, studies show that only one in five consumers use a thermometer, when cooking meat. Most often they rely on the color of the meat, in order to determine how done it is.

An instant-read thermometer can be a great food-safety weapon in the kitchen, especially when preparing hamburgers and turkey-burgers. According to AMI federal government data show that meat- and poultry-products are safer than ever, but no fresh food can be bacteria-free.

AMI also hosted a website where consumers can test their “Food-Safety IQ”. The test can be found here, the radio spot is located here.