AMI 2010 Meat and Poultry Facts is now availa...

AMI 2010 Meat and Poultry Facts is now available

C. The 2010 edition of AMI's Meat and Poultry Facts, the industry's statistical book, is now available. The 39th edition of this resource contains the latest statistics on production, consumption, prices, imports, exports, employment, wages and much more.

The 54-page book was compiled by John Nalivka, president of Sterling Marketing, Inc. He concludes in his analysis: During 2010, producers and processors in the red meat industry had seen a significantly brighter picture as higher wholesale prices and lower producer breakeven prices led to positive margins. While U.S. demand for meat had improved from a year earlier, a larger share of the 2010 price appreciation could be attributed to solid gains in U.S. export sales during 2010. A weak dollar had also a major factor contributing to export sales, Nalivka goes on. Nalivka noted in his introduction that 2010 was much more positive than 2009 as the uncertainty of demand became less of a burden on the markets.

Nalivka did point out however, that while cattle producers realizsed gains in net returns, herd building has not been initiated as producers still face uncertainty in the market and regulatory environment as well as changing producer demographics.

The complete 2010 edition of Meat and Poultry Facts can be purchased from AMI’s online bookstore here.
Source: AMI - American Meat Institute