2011 National Pork Board Budget focuses on co...

2011 National Pork Board Budget focuses on consumers

Consumer perspectives of pork and pork production are the central focus of the National Pork Board’s proposed 2011 budget that will be debated this week in Des Moines. More than 50 pork producers will gather from across the USA to help guide the investment of Pork Checkoff dollars into consumer information, research, and producer education programs.

The programs are designed to help pork producers provide consumers with safe, affordable, quality pork products. The board’s planning and budgeting process began earlier this summer when producer-led committees identified action steps for achieving the board’s new five-year strategic plan.

These objectives fall under one of three major goals: 1. Refresh and reposition pork’s image to increase domestic and international consumer demand. 2. Protect the rights and ability of U.S. farmers to produce pork in a socially-responsible and cost-competitive manner. 3. Pursue strategies to enable U.S. pork producers to remain highly competitive, long term, on a global basis.

The Plan of Work Budget Meeting includes producers from more than 25 states who represent the diversity of today’s pork industry. Producers attending the meeting will review more than $54 million in program requests to create a balanced FY 2011 budget of approximately $46 million.

Among the requests are major proposals to create new excitement for pork in the consumer marketplace and to help consumers better understand and appreciate modern agriculture. Additional proposals advance the work of the pork industry’s “We Care initiative and fund research” that can address significant social, economic, and production concerns facing the pork industry.
Source: The National Pork Board