1st International Summer School on Meat Resea...

1st International Summer School on Meat Research

The Max Rubner-Institut,
Federal Research Institute of Nutrition and Food, announces the 1st International Summer School on Meat Research to be held from 18 to 21 October 2011 at the International Competence Center on Meat Quality at the MRI in Kulmbach, Germany.

It is held in English and offers a scientific and technical forum with international background. Attendees have the chance to learn about the latest developments in "Ageing and Packaging of Meat".The event will be characterized by both scientific and practical exchange by workshops and symposia. Interational networking will play an important role.

The Summer School is an effective tool for knowledge transfer between science and industry and other experts in the supply chain of meat in the national and international context. Everyone dealing with meat quality and safety and with packaging of fresh meat - regardless of whether for research purposes or industry-based - is invited to register.
Source: MRI Kulmbach