Corona outbreak : Tönnies stops slaughter in...
Corona outbreak

Tönnies stops slaughter in Rheda

The high number of people infected with corona is a severe blow for Germany's largest meat company.
The high number of people infected with corona is a severe blow for Germany's largest meat company.

GERMANY, Gütersloh. On Wednesday, the management of Tönnies together with the district of Gütersloh decided to temporarily shut down the site.

This was the reaction of the Rheda-Wiedenbrück slaughterhouse and the authorities to the increased number of cases of positive tests in part of the production at the Rheda site. In this week's series of tests conducted by the Gütersloh district of Gütersloh, around 400 of 500 tests evaluated so far have turned out positive. A total of 1,050 employees were tested, so the number of those infected may rise even further. The crisis committee of the Gütersloh district has been meeting since the morning to decide on further action. In the afternoon the company announced the temporary closure of the site.

With the completion of the official mass tests at slaughterhouses throughout North Rhine-Westphalia, a small number of employees at Tönnies in Rheda-Wiedenbrück from a part of the cutting plant for sows and pigs at the site initially tested positive. The company then carried out targeted risk-oriented tests on employees in its own corona test centre. "In this way, a source of infection could be identified," the company reports. All contact persons had been placed in quarantine as a supplementary precautionary measure. Obviously, there were then further infections in this subarea, which explain the increase of the last week.

In the first months of the pandemic, the Tönnies Group recorded only 128 positive cases in more than 13,000 tests throughout the entire group. Official tests have also been carried out at the Group's other sites in recent weeks. There are currently no abnormalities here, so that production continues in accordance with the hygiene regulations valid there.



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