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German sausage production grows

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Especially popular in Germany: cooked sausage like the Fleischwurst.
Especially popular in Germany: cooked sausage like the Fleischwurst.

GERMANY, Bonn. German sausage producers produced more in 2019 than in the year before. Particularly popular are cooked sausages such as Frankfurter, Wiener or Lyoner.

However, with the tender volume growth of 7,500 t, the industry defied the declining meat consumption in Germany. And thanks to higher prices, the meat products industry, which is mainly characterised by medium-sized companies, also turned over more money.

"Even though we are satisfied with the developments on the whole, we are facing a challenging year, not only due to the effects of African swine fever and the outcome of the brexite, but above all because of the corona pandemic," emphasises President Sarah Dhem of the German Meat Industry Association (BVDF) in a press release.

In total, the companies produced 1,558,607 t of sausage last year (2018: 1,551,045 t). The largest share (63%) was accounted for by cooked sausages at 983,843 t (2018: 959,176 t). Exactly 413,844 t (2018: 415,270 t) were accounted for by raw sausage, 160,920 t (2018: 176,579 t) by cooked sausage. Ham is not included in the statistics. The BVDF estimates the total turnover of the industry for the year 2019 at around € 20 bn. (2018: € 17 bn.).

However, more turnover does not mean more profit at the same time. President Dhem also points this out in the statement of her association. Rather, the earnings situation of sausage producers was very tense last year, after all, the ASP in China had driven up the price for the most important raw material, pork, considerably. These price increases could not be passed on to the customers sufficiently.

The BVDF sees growth areas for its companies especially in the area of out-of-home catering, with regional concepts or particularly sustainable and animal welfare-friendly offers. Added to this is the constant competitiveness on the international markets. Nevertheless, the association expects further consolidation in the industry.

Source:; BVDF
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