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Case of ‘Atypical BSE’ identified in cow in Ireland #agriland
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 23 Std
@Atria Atria’s pork exports to China will start
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 1 Tage
@EFSA Chronic wasting disease: addressing risks for the EU
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 1 Tage 17 Std
RT @bmel: Today marks the start of #GFFA. Find out more about the world's largest Conference of #Agriculture Ministers on ⇨…
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@InternationalGreenWeek Green Week 2017: O p e n i n g R e p o r t - Where tradition and innovation meet
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U.S. lifts French beef import embargo, France says
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@Viskase Viskase acquires Walsroder Casings Group
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 3 Tage
French parliament debates CCTV welfare monitoring in slaughterhouses
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 3 Tage
UK exporters trained on US beef and lamb import requirements - AHDB Beef & Lamb via @beefandlamb_
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 3 Tage 23 Std
China finally agrees to import buffalo meat from India via @IndianExpress
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 4 Tage
@HormelFoods Hormel Foods announces new leadership hire
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 5 Tage
USDA confirms H5N2 bird flu in Montana wild duck
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 5 Tage
@SandersonFarms Sanderson Farms Opens New Facility in St. Pauls, N.C.
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 7 Tage 23 Std
Strong second half pushes pork exports to Mexico near record level
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 7 Tage 23 Std
@Bordbia Creed Announces Record Food and Drink Exports
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 8 Tage 3 Std
RT @FAOnews: In 2016, world #food #prices declined for the fifth consecutive year v @AAbba
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 8 Tage 23 Std
@MIratorg Miratorg increases production of meat semi-finished products and ready-to-eat meals by 27% in 2016
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 8 Tage 23 Std
Cargill reports fiscal 2017 second-quarter results
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 10 Tage
@DanishCrown Danish Crown aquires German slaughterhouse
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 10 Tage
France's Intermarché And Netto To Eliminate Battery Eggs via @esm_magazine
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 10 Tage 18 Std
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 10 Tage 23 Std
@AllenHarim Allen Harim Hires New Director of Public Relations
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 11 Tage
BRF launches halal meat company in United Arab Emirates
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 11 Tage 23 Std
@SmithfieldFoods Smithfield Foods Nears 2017 Goal for Conversion to Group Housing Systems for Pregnant Sows
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 12 Tage
Jackson new president, COO of Simmons Prepared Foods
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 14 Tage 17 Std
Czechs cull thousands of poultry near bird flu outbreaks via @Reuters
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 15 Tage 19 Std
Could Ireland's sheep sector benefit from Brexit?
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 15 Tage 19 Std
Green light given for resumption of Irish beef exports to Egypt via @IrishTimesBiz
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 17 Tage 15 Std
RT @bmel: #Water scarcity - one of _the_ challenges of the 21st century. #GFFA 2017 will search for solutions. Register now ⇨…
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 18 Tage
Millions of tonnes of food could be saved with better logistics Chalmers University of Technology via @mynewsdesk_uk
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 18 Tage 1 Std
Food Safety: China: bird flu situation is stable
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 18 Tage 1 Std
Smithfield: Cutting out the middleman @SmithfieldFoods
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 18 Tage 1 Std
Food Safety: A standstill order follows culling
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 18 Tage 1 Std
Restaurant Brands International: Fast food restaurants to adopt antibiotics policy
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 20 Tage 20 Std
We wish a Happy New Year.
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 21 Tage 15 Std
RT @MeatInstitute: It's #NationalBaconDay! Want to see how bacon is made? Our video shows the process from start to finish…
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 23 Tage 2 Std
RT @FAOnews: #Water efficiency of #pulses compared to other protein sources #IYP2016
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 26 Tage 21 Std
RT @WHO: #Salmonella is 1 of 4 key global causes of diarrhoeal diseases #SafeFood
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 31 Tage
BBC News - Poultry ban at bird shows and auctions after turkey bird flu outbreak
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 31 Tage 23 Std
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 31 Tage 23 Std
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 32 Tage
Russian meat processor Cherkizovo launches organic line | Food Industry News | just-food via @just_food
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 33 Tage
Wendys Joins US Roundtable For Sustainable Beef
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 33 Tage 1 Std
Cargill invests in food innovation centers to meet consumer demands now and in the future
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 35 Tage 23 Std
Arla Foods to head Danish initiative to boost exports via @FoodNavigator
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 35 Tage 23 Std
Consumers willing to pay 75% more for known ingredients: Survey via @FoodNavigator
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 35 Tage 23 Std
USDA Revises Guidance on Date Labeling to Reduce Food Waste
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 36 Tage
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 37 Tage
@ReutersAfrica Brazil poultry, pork exports grow on China demand
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 37 Tage
#Rabobank Global #AnimalProtein #Outlook #2017: downward pressure on prices challenges producers and processors.


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English Edition 06/2016

  1. Filling, Portioning, Clipping
  2. Pickling, Tumbling, Cooking, Ham Production
  3. Hygiene and Disinfection, Cleanroom Technology
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Russian Edition 02/2016

  1. AgroProdMash Main Issue
  2. Extracting and Processing of Poultry Meat
  3. Filling, Portioning, Clipping
  4. Smoking, Climate Control
  5. Seasonings, Additives, Ingredients
  6. Packaging (Machines and Materials)
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Chinese Edition 04/2016

  1. Slicing
  2. Hygiene and Desinfection, Cleanroom Technology
  3. Process Control, Automation
  4. Production of Convenience Foods
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