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Anuga Organic completely fully-booked @anugacologne
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 9 Tage 15 Std
Kerry downsizes its growth outlook while topping US$3.5 billion revenue mark @FoodIngredients1st
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 10 Tage 15 Std
Avian flu returns to China’s poultry sector @WattAgNet
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 10 Tage 16 Std
Hormel Foods Announces New Leadership Hire @HormelFoods
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 11 Tage 15 Std
2 Sisters Red Meat supremo leaves for new challenges @2Sisters
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 11 Tage 16 Std
EU says Belgium took weeks to notify tainted egg discovery - ABC News - via @ABC
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 12 Tage 13 Std
EU report: more evidence on link between antibiotic use and antibiotic resistance via @EFSA_EU
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 12 Tage 15 Std
Cargill to buy animal feed business in southeast U.S. @Cargill
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 13 Tage 15 Std
JBS Names new Food Safety as Global Head of Food Safety and Quality Assurance @JBS USA
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 13 Tage 15 Std
Aldi pulls eggs from German stores over fipronil poison fear @BBCNews
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 16 Tage 9 Std
Processing ban: China meat trade in limbo @theweeklytimes
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 19 Tage 15 Std
Namibia Eases Restrictions on Poultry Imports - The Poultry Site @ThePoultrySite
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 19 Tage 15 Std
Showcase Helps Expand Red Meat Exports @FarmJournal'sPork
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 20 Tage 13 Std
Breakthrough in Australia's beef with China over meat exports via @ABCNews
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 20 Tage 13 Std
Japan Is hiking tariffs on frozen beef imports from the U.S. and elsewhere @Fortune
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 23 Tage 15 Std
Perdue Farms announces animal care improvements and commits to future advancements @PerdueFarms
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 23 Tage 15 Std
Progress and changes in Tulip Ltd @DanishCrownUK
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 24 Tage 13 Std
Hepatitis E: raw pork is main cause of infection in EU @EFSA_EU
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 24 Tage 15 Std
Marel agrees to acquire Sulmaq @Marel
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 25 Tage 15 Std
Pork Quarterly Q3 2017: The EU, Canada, and the US Battle for China’s Pork Market @Rabobank
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 25 Tage 16 Std
Myanmar reports outbreak of H5N1 bird flu on poultry farm: OIE @Reuters
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 25 Tage 16 Std
Tyson Foods 3rd Quarter Earnings Call Scheduled for August 7 @TysonFoods
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 26 Tage 14 Std
Church’s Chicken Hires David Knies as VP of Franchise Development @ChurchsChicken
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 26 Tage 15 Std
Bareburger, Umami Burger expand Impossible Burger offerings @Nation'sRestaurantNews
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 26 Tage 15 Std
Meatless Monday: Impossible Burger at Umami Burger via @nbcla
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 27 Tage 15 Std
HKScan Corporation’s half year financial report 1 January - 30 June 2017 @HKScanFinland
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 27 Tage 15 Std
Mexican poultry group Bachoco in deal for chicken firm Albertville @FoodBevMedia
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 30 Tage 16 Std
Fully-booked exhibition halls and shopping baskets full to the brim @anugacologne
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 30 Tage 16 Std
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 34 Tage 11 Std
Police dismantle crime group trading horsemeat unfit for human consumption via @Europol
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 34 Tage 14 Std
PHL meat imports down 16.33% in Jan-May @BusinessMirror
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 34 Tage 14 Std
63rd ICoMST to be held in Cork, Ireland, on the 13th-18th August, 2017 @ICoMST2017
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 37 Tage 15 Std
Scientists investigate origin of isolated BSE cases via @EFSA_EU
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 37 Tage 16 Std
Order Papa John's pizza on Facebook and save 25 percent @SunSentinel
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 37 Tage 20 Std
British meat exports to the EU could face tariffs of 26% post-Brexit
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 37 Tage 20 Std
Time to beef up EU trade rules
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 37 Tage 20 Std
Olymel: Pork processing plant in Alberta
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 37 Tage 20 Std
Meat & Livestock Australia: Additional $14 mill. approved for #DEXA installations @meatlivestock
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 38 Tage 13 Std
MoCCaE prohibits the import of poultry meat and bird species from Belgium via @Emirates247
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 38 Tage 14 Std
Indian meat sellers cheer court suspension of Modi cattle ban- Nikkei Asian Review @NikkeiAsianReview
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 38 Tage 15 Std
Additional $14 million approved for DEXA installations @meatlivestock
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 39 Tage 15 Std
Olymel invests $2 million in its Red Deer plant for sausage production for the western canadian market @Olymel_ca
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 39 Tage 16 Std
Pilgrim's Announces Release of 2016 Sustainability Report Currently reading @PilgrimsPride
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 40 Tage 14 Std
Givaudan to acquire Vika B.V. @Givaudan
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 40 Tage 15 Std
Perdue Farms Names Kelly Fladger VP of Human Resources Services, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer @PerdueFarms
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 40 Tage 16 Std
New Federal Research Investment to make Beef Sector more Sustainable @canadiangvt
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 41 Tage 15 Std
Tyson Foods To Invest 59 Million To Expand Pennsylvania Distribution Center @TysonFoods
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 46 Tage 15 Std
Significant fall in numbers of Northern lambs being killed by factories
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 46 Tage 15 Std
Take advantage of chicken import ban, farmers urged @zambiadailymail
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 47 Tage 10 Std
GEA: Martine Snels appointed to the Executive Board @GEA_Food


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English Edition 03/2017

  1. Mincing, Blending, Mixing
  2. Production of Raw Sausage and Raw Ham
  3. Meat Gaining: Slaughtering and Cutting Up
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FLW Russia Edition 01/2017

Russian Edition 01/2017

  1. Interpack Main Issue
  2. Slaughtering and Cutting Up
  3. Production of Cooked Sausage and Sausage made from Cooked Meat
  4. Process Automation
  5. Hygiene and Cleaning Technology
  6. Cooling and Freezing Technology
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Chinese Edition 01/2017

  1. Current Sample
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