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Cargill Protein invests $146 million in Nashville to give customers expanded protein options @Cargill
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Pig processor reopens after major fire @Foodmanufacture
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New avian flu outbreaks noted as USDA OK's DNA poultry vaccine @University of Minnesota
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FDA Launches Resistome Tracker, an Interactive Research and Data Visualization Tool for Antibiotic Resistance Genes…
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Tyson Foods Acquires Original Philly Holdings @TysonFoods
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Cargill breaks ground on $50m Ohio feed facility @Feedstuffs
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2 Sisters owner’s profits drop in full-year results
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HKScan improves welfare of Kariniemen chicks: Welfare innovation: chicks are born in the chicken house
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RT @iffa_frankfurt: Register now for #IFFA2019 and secure the early-booking rebate until 6 February 2018. https://…
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South Korea increases pork exports 8% @pigworld
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US wins meat WTO dispute against Indonesia @Feedstuffs
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HKScan Group's Interim Report 1 January—30 September 2017: Weak result – Efficiency improvement actions on going…
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Tim Schellpeper Named President of JBS USA Fed Beef Business Unit @JBS USA
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 9 Tage 22 Std
UK hopes to end ban on pork imports in post-Brexit trade talks with Taiwan @TheTelegraph
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 9 Tage 22 Std
USMEF Members Examine Challenges ahead, Elect New Officer Team @USMEF
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RT @BfRde: #Foodsafety in Europe and its neighbouring countries. #BfR publishes EU Food Safety Almanac (4th ed) and ENP Almanac https://t.c
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Pork Quarterly Q4 2017: Steady Growth in Production Brings Trade into Sharper Focus @Rabobank
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More Fuel for the Food/Feed Debate @FAO
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RT @CVUAS: New English Content: #Mycoplasma #Pneumonia in #guineapigs
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How to assess progress on reduction of antimicrobial resistance and antimicrobial consumption via @EFSA_EU
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 16 Tage
Miratorg produces 230 thousand tons of pork for January- September 2017 @Miratorg
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Cargill strengthens its animal nutrition business @Cargill
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Hormel Foods announces acquisition of Columbus Manufacturing @HormelFoods
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 18 Tage 23 Std
CPF announces global policy on responsible antimicrobials use @CPF
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DAT-Schaub divests Nordic ingredients business to Orkla Food Ingredients @DanishCrown
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 22 Tage 1 Std
Thailand to explore U.S. pork imports @NationalHogFarmer
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 22 Tage 1 Std
Aso, Pence to discuss beef import safeguards @TheJapanNews
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 24 Tage 19 Std
Pre-close trading update for the third quarter and nine months of 2017 @MHP
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 24 Tage 19 Std
Improving yield in leg deboning @DMRI
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 30 Tage 1 Std
National Pork Board Names USDA’s Dr. Craig Morris to International Marketing Post @PorkCheckoff
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 31 Tage
Avian influenza: new scientific advice boosts EU preparedness @EFSA_EU
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 32 Tage
Hilton to Expand Packing Capability to New Zealand @HiltonFoodGroup
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 32 Tage
Danish Crown boosts sales in Southeast Asia @danishcrown
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 33 Tage
HKScan to streamline its organization @HKScan
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 33 Tage
Brazil prosecutors charge JBS owners with insider trading via @FT
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 36 Tage 1 Std
Rabobank: Hard Brexit to cost UK economy £400bn by 2030 @Rabobank
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 36 Tage 1 Std
Prayut: No US pork deal yet | Bangkok Post: news @bankokpost
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 36 Tage 4 Std
Food exports: ‘Seventh year of consecutive growth’ #agriland
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 36 Tage 4 Std
Scottish red meat exports increase to £80m in past year
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 36 Tage 4 Std
#Anuga2017 : Export and innovations are the growth drivers
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 36 Tage 23 Std
Final report Anuga 2017 @anugacologne
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 37 Tage
Bord Bia investing in opportunities in the German food market @Bordbia
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 38 Tage
Danish Crown wins arbitration case @danishcrown
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 38 Tage 1 Std
Appointment in HKScan’s management @HKScan
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 39 Tage 4 Std
Meat exports grow despite Brexit uncertainty
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 39 Tage 4 Std
India's Minister I.E. Smt. Harsimrat Kaur Badal honorary guest at the Anuga
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 40 Tage
Censky, McKinney Confirmations Good News for U.S. Agriculture @NPPC
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 40 Tage 1 Std
UPDATE 1-Brazil pork producers cleared to sell to South Korea -industry group via @Reuters
FleischWirtschaft @FleiwiNews - 42 Tage 21 Std
German Meat Industry Ranking: Grow or go under


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FLEISCHWIRTSCHAFT international Nr.05/17

English Edition 05/2017

  1. Food Ingredients Europe Main Issue
  2. Production of Convenience Foods
  3. Filling, Portioning, Clipping
  4. Planning, Building, Fitting Out of Plants
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FLW Russia Edition 02/2017

Russian Edition 02/2017

  1. AgroProdMash Main Issue
  2. Extracting, Processing of Poultry Meat
  3. Filling, Portioning, Clipping
  4. Smoking, Climate Control
  5. Seasonings, Ingredients
  6. Packaging (Machinery and Materials), Labelling, Cutting Technology
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FLW China Edition 03/2017

Chinese Edition 03/2017

  1. China FoodTec and ANUFOOD China Main Issue
  2. Preservation of Meat Products
  3. Packaging ( Machinery and Materials), Labelling
  4. Seasonings, Additives, Ingredients
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